My Sweet Sarah

Several years ago, I rode and leased a beautiful Paint mare named Sarah. She was in my life for almost 6 years, enabling me to transition from the therapeutic riding environment to the able-bodied horse world with all of its opportunities and intricacies. I have never experienced a deeper or stronger bond with a horse than I did with Sarah. In early summer of 2012, Sarah had to be sold and I was not in a position to buy her. Ever since that day I have regretted letting her slip through my fingers. I have missed her terribly and promised myself that someday I would get her back. Well just a few weeks ago, an opportunity for a second chance arose. Sarah came for sale and I have decided to buy her.

She has changed owners several times since leaving me and it is truly a miracle that she is making her way back to me. Her current owners have poured heart and soul into her and have done everything possible to get her healthy and content. They have done everything that I always wanted to do but couldn’t when I was leasing her. Sarah has been so loved and cared for in this home but just isn’t the right fit for her young rider whose riding aspirations have shifted. Because of this, her family decided to find Sarah a new home. Through connecting with her previous owner through Facebook, simply asking for an update on how Sarah was doing, I learned of her being for sale and instantly jumped on the opportunity to have my girl back.

I am fully aware that owning a horse while being a college student in Seattle isn’t an ideal or convenient situation. But honestly, what in my life is ever ideal or convenient???

I know that this new responsibility will be difficult mainly with finances but I am ready and willing to make sacrifices. All I want is to give Sarah a happy and healthy forever home. Her current owners have helped her become as healthy as she is today and I have every intention of keeping up with what is working for her. I have a boarding situation set up for her at a barn where a friend who lives on my floor at SPU boards her horse. She makes the drive frequently from SPU to the barn so it really couldn’t be more perfect. And this barn is right on a major trail system in a state park. Everything is coming together so perfectly that I can’t help but think that this is what was meant to happen all along. God is bringing Sarah back to me and is providing all of the pieces to make this work.

If everything goes as planned, Sarah will be mine in mid December. After I finish training with my new guide dog and get everything set for her, she will finally come home. Please be praying that everything comes together the way it is meant to especially in terms of finances. I have so much faith that all will be well in the end. I am just so humbled that my sweet Sarah has found her way back to me.

Thank you to Sarah’s past and current owners who cared for her so incredibly well. She is truly lucky to be loved by such wonderful people.

I went to visit Sarah yesterday for the first time in 3 years. I was so worried that she wouldn’t remember me but my worries were unnecessary. As I walked up to her, she instantly recognized me, nuzzling my hands and never taking her eyes off me. She also remembered my parents who were with me. It felt so good just to be with her again. When we eventually went to leave, it was heartbreaking to walk away as she watched me go. I have faith that we will be reunited again soon though. There really isn’t anything sweeter than being back with my best friend; my equine soul mate.



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