Rolling with the Pottery Wheel

Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to be a counselor for one of our overnight 5 day camps with teens with visual impairments or physical disabilities. One of our activities included going to a beautiful pottery studio where we all got to make small pinch pots and help make one large pot on the pottery wheel. I was super intrigued by the process of making things on the pottery wheel and our wonderful instructor invited me back to work one-on-one on the wheel! I was super excited for the opportunity and had the chance to have my first lesson this past week!

I had an absolute blast! It was so much fun to learn the strokes and methods involved in creating different things. It felt so good to be able to work on something and not have to use my vision. I was actually much more effective without sight!

I cannot thank my lovely teacher enough for her generosity and enthusiasm in teaching me! She was so wonderful in helping me to learn the process and I thoroughly enjoyed just spending time with her. We got to create some awesome pieces that I will be bringing to school with me! I definitely have the perfect ice cream bowl now! I will try to post pictures of the completed products!
Maybe I’ll have to make this another one of my many hobbies!



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