Update Utah

Another update from UT! I am getting really comfortable with my environment and am honestly surprised with my independence for only being here a few days. Retha is helping a ton too and has learned the different routes around the NAC campus.

Today I had the honor of riding in a lesson of instructors taught by my amazing mentor Marci. It felt so wonderful to be riding with her again. I rode a horse who goes a lot like Watchman so I was able to learn a lot. It took a bit to get used to things but I was able to put the pieces together for a great ride in the end. I know one of the biggest things I need to work on in my riding career is learning to adapt to different horses and  environments. It’s so crucial to be a well-rounded rider and to be able to ride any horse I’m on, effectively and confidently. Environments at horse shows are constantly different and I need to find stability and confidence in a place that is naturally uncomfortable and stressful.

I still continue to learn a ton from Marci and would really love to intern for her next summer or at some point in the future  It would just be details of finances and finding a place to stay. I know if it’s in God’s plan for me then somehow it will come together.

Looking forward to working with some new trial horses in the program today. And of course soaking up as much time as possible with my wonderful boyfriend.

Signing out!!!


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