Howdy from the great state of Utah! I’ve had an absolutely incredible time so far and its only Tuesday! The whole traveling process went super well and I’m really proud of myself for doing it all on my own. And the funny thing is, I was not nervous or anxious at any point during travel! I just knew I had everything worked out and under control.

My time at the NAC has been so enriching and I am realizing just how enthralled I am by the therapeutic riding concept and all that comes with it. I’ve had the opportunity to observe lessons, day-to-day interactions and meetings that offered a whole new perspective to me from a business stand point. I have realized that the job of a program manager can be stressful and exhausting but there are rewards of seeing progress in the riders and working with great staff and horses. I am honestly so captivated by learning all about this from an observer standpoint. My wonderful “boss” will be giving me a lesson tomorrow on one of the program horses. I am so excited to be able to be taught by her again. It brings back so many beautiful memories and just reminds me how much I adore her!

I’ll also be going to my first rodeo tomorrow night!  Yes, I know, this horse girl has never been, but I am really psyched to experience
something new and exciting! I’m sure there will be many more learning
opportunities to come this week and I just can’t wait to see what happens!

Retha is doing awesome although she got a bit sick today, most likely because of the heat. The chef here at the lodge was kind enough to give her some rice and chicken stock for dinner. We’re resting up for a busy day tomorrow! She’s definitely taking care of her momma as usual. Its been really awesome to be able to be completely independent on this trip. Makes me super pumped for SPU! I feel like its bringing out my confidence and outgoing advocacy that I’m a bit proud of myself.  Its been a long time coming but I feel ready to be independent.

I’m not afraid of the mistakes to come. I embrace them.


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