Utah Bound!

Everything is planned and ready for my trip to Utah! I have arranged everything completely on my own from buying the plane ticket to scheduling airport assistance and shuttle transportation! I will be traveling completely on my own for the first time. But I’ll of course have my loyal steed, the one and only Princess Retha! I should be a lot more nervous but I’m just really ready for this adventure.

I’ll be job shadowing a trainer I rode with for years at Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center who now works at the National Ability Center as the program manager for adaptive horseback riding. The NAC is a nonprofit organization that provides all kinds of sports and outdoor activities for all abilities. They host many camps for children and adults with a variety of disabilities and also work with the Wounded Warriors Project. They have aquatic sports like kayaking and adaptive water skiing, cycling, rock climbing and lots more. During the winter they have an amazing skiing and snowboarding program too!

I’ve always been intrigued by therapeutic riding programs and how they run. From being involved in one, I have a lot of experience in the day-to-day things that happen in the barn and with the riders but this time I’ll be able to learn how things work from the business point of things. At some point in my life I would absolutely love to work for a program like Little Bit or the NAC but I don’t quite know where I’d fit in to the mix. I’m hoping my aspirations in massage will eventually lead me down the therapeutic riding trail in some way.

On this trip, I’ll also be able to spend time with my wonderful boyfriend. We are both really excited to be able to have this time together and we’re hoping to do a lot of hiking which I have minimal experience with but its one of his absolute favorite things to do. It’ll be some much-needed time for us and I’m sure we’ll enjoy every second.

I’ll be posting each day this week about what I learn from my shadowing. Really excited for what is in store for me! Get ready Park City! Retha and Ali are coming!


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