My New Adventure!

New Adventure! I have a very big milestone coming up!!! Tonight I booked my flight (ok, like 12 days ago but I am just getting around to posting my blog posts from then!) to go to Utah to job shadow one of my favorite people. She is a program director at a therapeutic riding barn. But the big deal is… dramatic drum roll please…. I’m going on my own, just Retha and me. I decided that it was time to make some big leaps toward the trampoline of independence that is college life. I want to be a self-sufficient young adult in all ways. So I paid for my travel expenses with my own money, booked the flight myself and will be traveling with no assistance from family. I am booking a shuttle to take me to the airport and a Sea-Tac employee will walk me through checking my bag, security and finding my gate. From there, the flight attendant will help Retha and me get settled in our seat and we’ll be off!!! Can you tell I’m excited??? When I land, another employee will help me with baggage claim and walk me to my shuttle which will take me to the bunk house at the facility Where I’ll be staying. I will have my own room and I’ll be responsible for mine and Retha’s needs. I should be a lot more nervous but to be truthful… I’m totally ready for this. I know it will be tough at times but I’m not giving myself any opportunity to run from the unknown. As Helen Keller said, “never bend your head, hold it high, look the world straight in the eye.” Or in Ali’s words, Bring. It. On.


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