Giddy Explosion Alert!!

Warning: this post may be a giddy explosion of excitement so expect little
organization and lots of exclamation points!

I just have to tell everyone that I am so unbelievably excited for college! I
spent the last few days at an Admitted Student Preview at SPU and had an
absolute blast!!! It was an overnight event so my bestest friend, Retha and I
spent the night in a dorm with the coolest people ever!! Every single person had
such passion for their school and area of study. They truly cared for our
success at college wherever that may be (which for me has already been

I had the opportunity to meet with the most amazing admissions
counselor who I’m sure will be a fantastic resource for me as things progress. I
also got to eat in the cafeteria which I must say had the most delicious food
ever! This is very important for me because food is something that brings me
great happiness!!! We also had the chance to visit a few classes and I was blown
away by what I experienced.

The professors balanced so well between lecturing and engaging the class.
They are true experts on what they teach and their passion really shows.
It’s very comforting going into college knowing the
teachers have extensive experience in their subject and really care about their
students success and well being. Some students said that the profs made time to
meet them for coffee to help them understand and work through difficult
material. How cool would it be to have coffee with a true professional that
knows so much about their field??? Some students even said that their professors
invited them over for Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas when they couldn’t go
home. Just the thought of them opening their hearts and lives to these students
honestly blows me away. Of course I would NEVER miss Grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner
but its the thought that really counts. AND I learned that each professor signs
a declaration of Christian faith which to me is so incredibly encouraging. So,
not only are these professors extensively educated in their field but they are
genuine kind-hearted people who are a prominent influence of Christian faith and

The other thing I love about SPU is that it is a private Christian
university but is open to all creeds and ethnicities. There is a diverse
population of believers and non believers with the same intention to “Engage the
Culture to Change the World.” I love that the strong faith base is so evident
but there is so much room to be modern and accepting of all people. To me,
that’s the true meaning of being a follower of Christ; genuine acceptance and

After my experience the past few days, I am even more certain that SPU is
exactly where Retha and I belong. The love and support from students, staff,
faculty, Disability Services and of course my family and friends helps me find
overwhelming peace in my decision to enroll. God has definitely had his hand
over this one and I am so glad that I followed Him. I have submitted my advanced
tuition and am starting to choose classes and housing. Now I really must get on
the scholarship train to cover everything. The money is worth it in every way
and I am positive that God has a plan for this too. Stay tuned as final details
come together! God bless you all! Hugs and nose bonks from me and Retha!!!

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One Response to Giddy Explosion Alert!!

  1. Melissa Predescu says:

    Hi Ali, your favorite Flight Attendant here! Ok, maybe not, but you and your parents are among my favorite passengers now. It was such a blessing to meet you guys and Retha of course! Your an amazing young woman. Even if you had 20/20 vision, I would be impressed by your heart. I meet hundreds of people a day. Rarely do they make an impression on me the way that you guys did. I have shared my experience of meeting you with some of my friends and family, my kids among them, and I will continue to read your blog. Keep up the good work young lady, you are a force to be reckoned with! Watch out world, here comes Ali Steener and she’s not slowing down because of a little thing such as being blind. You rock girl!

    Melissa Predescu
    Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant

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