College Decisions and Pole Vaulting

Goodness it has been too long since my last post! They say time flies when
you’re having fun and that has definitely been true lately. The past few months
have been really awesome for me. I’ve been slammed with school, riding and
family stuff. Looking back on the struggles of my junior year, this year has
been amazing and just continues to be better and better. I feel like I have the
tools I need to be successful and school, for the first time in a long time,
does not overwhelm me. Having such an efficient system makes me really excited
for college because I know I have what I need to succeed.

Speaking of college, I have decided that I am going to Seattle Pacific
University. When I started the application process last fall, I had many people
advising me to submit several applications to a few other schools just to be
safe. But when I stepped onto the SPU campus, I knew that is where I belong. I
am absolutely positive that is where God wants me to be. So call it foolish, but
I submitted only one application and that was to SPU. I received a response in
January and was accepted with a very generous scholarship. God came through for
me and I’m so happy I followed His guidance and relied on my faith. There is
still much work to be done to cover the rest of my tuition but I know that God
already has a plan for that too. I am so incredibly excited to be going to SPU.
I can’t wait for that new chapter in my life!

Now for a current update. I have decided to join my high school track team. It
has been something I’ve wanted to do since sixth grade so now is my last chance.
It has been an adventure trying to figure out how to make it work but we’ve come
up with a system. I wear a belt around my waist with one of Retha’s tiedowns
connected to it. At the other end of the tiedown is a stretchy bracelet that my
friend wears. So as she turns, I turn with her. It can be a bit tricky at points
but seems to work pretty well. As for the event I will be competing in, I’ve
decided to be a pole vaulter. This is one of the most dangerous sports for a
sighted runner so will prove challenging for me as well. I want to compete in
something that really puts me outside my comfort zone. My coaches are
understandably skeptical about the idea but I am determined to make it work. I
am not the first blind pole vaulter so it can be done. It will take lots of
practice and experimenting but I’m really excited to see how it all comes

Retha has been designated our team mascot and will be at every meet. We are
looking into getting her some puppy pom poms. đŸ˜‰

Stay tuned for our next adventures!!


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