Resolutions, Goals and College!

I greatly apologize for such a long time since my last post! Retha and I have been very busy the past months. School has been my main focus these past few weeks as the end of the semester was last Friday.

For the first time in so long, I finished all my work and finals with minimal stress. And the most amazing part is that I finished on time!! I am honestly pretty proud of myself for being creative and working hard to stay on top of things this semester. It hasn’t gone without difficulty but the dedication has paid off.

Also, part of my New Years resolution was to get back into some riding lessons. Since the first of the year I have had four lessons and it feels wonderful to be moving forward again! I am so excited for the show season and whatever it will bring. On top of my normal school and riding, I am now working on gathering funds for college and for my
upcoming mustang project that I hope to participate in. The college scholarship search is daunting but I am sticking to my goal of graduating from college with no loans to pay off.

I am very happy to say that I have been accepted to Seattle Pacific University and received a generous scholarship from them. Having something to work off of definitely helps in looking for specific scholarships. I am positive that I will attend SPU so now its just a matter of making it financially possible. SPU is where I know in my spirit that God is leading me so SPU is where I will go!! God has a plan for all of these upcoming goals and possibilities and I trust that he will guide me wherever I need to be.

I will try to blog again sooner than this time! Again, I really appreciate all of the support and encouragement. God Bless you all!!


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One Response to Resolutions, Goals and College!

  1. Congrats on the scholarship, lady! I too am attempting to get back in the saddle once more, figuratively at least. it’s definitely a test of faith that there is a larger plan involved in it all. Keep pushing towards those goals!

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