Wrapping Skills

Life is much too short to take too seriously! With my family, we learn to laugh about my “blind moments.” Whether it be running into walls in my own house that we have been in for way too long to forget the layout of, or this week’s adventures of wrapping presents and going to restaurants with my lovely Retha. There is definitely NEVER a dull moment in my journey.

I have come to the realization that I have not wrapped presents since I lost a good portion of my sight. I had no idea how much I used to use the little sight I had to line up the paper with the present or cut in a straight line. Laughing through the whole process, my gifts turned out looking like things made by a monkey or something. They have excessive amounts of paper around them but my theory is that it adds extra padding in case of being dropped. But in some places, the paper was too short so I had to creatively tape an extra piece on. On the bright side, these particular presents are going to a two-year old boy so I am hoping he will not remember the wrapping job for his second Christmas. Hopefully with more practice, I can make them look halfway presentable in further wrapping endeavors.

The other thought that is leaving me giggling is Retha’s consistent desire to lead me into the kitchen when we eat at a restaurant. I’m not joking when I say she has gone out of her way to sneak in there. It has happened at least three times in the past month. Luckily, we have not made it all the wa in due to her momma’s keen hearing of dishes and kitchen sounds. I guess Retha thinks I do not feed her enough and has resorted to extreme measures. Regardless of her reasoning. it brings a smile to my face every time. I love that she is not perfect. She tries so hard to do a good job. Even on her off days, she always tries.

Stay tuned for updates on my wrapping skills and guide dog kitchen escapades! Thank you all for reading!


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2 Responses to Wrapping Skills

  1. ctoering says:

    Hahaha Retha!!! that is so funny Ali, we were all laughing so hard as I read your post outloud to the family!!!! Merry Christmas to you all!!
    Love ,
    The Toering’s

  2. Kerin McAfee says:

    My husband, Gary, and I love reading your blog. My husband lost all his vision March 2012 and has worked tirelessly to learn mobility skills so that he could be considered for a guide dog. He has been accepted at Guide Dogs for the Blind in Oregon for the January 20, 2013 class and is just elated! Your blog has been very encouraging for him. He too has the same positive outlook on blindness as you and takes each new challenge and runs with it. We both love hearing of your adventures with Retha. Blessings to you as you walk this new path!

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