Trail Riding & TV

It has a whirlwind of a week!! Last weekend I rode in an ACTHA competitive trail ride with my good friends and had so much fun!! We laughed every step of the way and it even snowed which made it even more of an adventure. I rode Sunday as well as a drag rider for the event. Our responsibility was to be the last riders out to make sure no one got lost and all of the judges along the way at each obstacle had seen all of the riders. On top of just having a blast, I got to ride an awesome ex-racehorse turned dressage horse. She was such a pleasure to ride and really took care of me. But I couldn’t resist letting her run full out in all of her Thoroughbredness. I have never in my life gone that fast on a horse. It was just plain awesome.

My week of school was really great too. I am finally settling into a routine that works for me and I feel like I have a handle on everything. Homework is tons easier due to the very generous donation from some incredible people who have helped me get the computer and software that I need. I am so grateful to everyone who is helping me be successful.

Also, this weekend I was interviewed by a local news station who wants to do a story about me and my riding. It is super humbling to tell my story and makes me feel very grateful to be so fortunate. The story should be aired within the next few days so I hope it turns out well. Watchman definitely showed off in front of the cameras. If anything comes from all of this media coverage I hope it can help inspire another young person living with some kind of disability to follow their dreams and push themselves to accomplish their goals.

Here is the link to the news story and video below.

Blind Girl wins award in state 4-H competition


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2 Responses to Trail Riding & TV

  1. Jennifer says:

    Love hearing how well you are doing via your blog! If they give you the ability to send a link to your news story can you post it in your blog so we can see it too?

  2. Hi Ali. I really enjoyed watching the news clip about you and Watchman in 4H. My daughter also loves 4H and competed at State this year for the first time in gaming. Would you be interested in telling your story for Guideposts Magazine? I have written for them for several years and would enjoy talking with you more for a possible story, specifically one highlighting your struggle and faith in the Lord. You/your parents can learn more about my work and contact me through my website: Best wishes always!

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