Winter with Retha

As the weather turns into winter here in Washington, I have discovered an important quirk of my lovely little Retha. She does not like being cold or wet and has made her dislike of said conditions very clear. On the way to school in the mornings she shivers and just looks uncomfortable. She always curls up into the smallest ball she can get herself in. And as for the wet, she has decided that if the grass is wet when I let her outside that she will just do her business on the deck. We have had to buy her some doggie jackets to keep her warm and she is much happier with them on. And we have also gone back to relieving on leash in the mornings and she is getting used to the oh so terrible wet grass. My Arizona puppy is taking some time to adjust to the colder climate. She is definitely a pampered guide dog with her adorable jackets and extra blankets for bed time. The way I see it, if it makes her more comfortable then she will be much more effective at her job. Stay tuned for more adventures!


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One Response to Winter with Retha

  1. ctoering says:

    Retha would sometimes go potty on the patio here if it was raining, we used to think she was being a little princess and couldn’t possibly get wet. Lol, I am sure even she doesn’t like the cold, she isn’t missing the heat!

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