Blessed by Kindness

Wow. I am absolutely blown away by the whirl wind of events that have occurred the past 24 hours. Yesterday morning was just like any other morning. I got up and took care of Retha and then went upstairs to have Retha give her gramma the usual Good Morning greeting. But something was very different about this morning. My mom placed a piece of paper in my hand and asked if I could see anything on the paper. I could not see anything but what looked like some kind of picture. Confused, my mom explained to me the significance of this piece of paper. It was a flyer with a picture of myself and Retha advertising a fundraiser at our local corn maze, “Bobs Corn” in Snohomish, to be held for the purpose of raising funds for my technology needs. Seriously?!? For me?!? The workout group that my dad belongs to, the “Snohomish Sports Institute”, put this together and surprised him with it that morning. I honestly don’t have words to even try to describe how beyond humbled I feel. I am amazed by the kindness and generosity of people who barely even know me.

But it goes on. Yesterday afternoon, I received a call from a local newspaper inquiring to write an article about me. Now this is getting crazy. Earlier in the week the Washington State 4H newsletter came out and inside was an article about my 4H state experience that I had described to another journalist.

So with two articles in the works in a week and a surprise blessing of a fundraiser, I am feeling like the most blessed girl in the world.

As the fundraiser flyer circulated on Facebook, more and more people began sharing it and reposting to all of their friends. Emails were sent by family and friends to spread the word and now I am speechless. For those of you who know me or my family, we are certainly not the type of people who ask for help in the form of money or media coverage! I am grateful to have a roof over my head and to have the many opportunities that I do, so all of this support is simply amazing. It is an indescribable feeling to have the community rallying around me like this.

Humbled is the only possible word for such an outpouring of love. I guess it goes to show that genuine kindness never ceases to amaze us all.

Article in the Washington State 4H newsletter: “No Sight? No problem” for Snohomish County Teen

Flyer for Bob’s Corn Fundraiser below:


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