School Challenges

As Retha and I get further into the school year, I am surprised by how normal it feels to have her at my side all the time. That awkward sense of novelty has definitely passed. I really can’t imagine my life without her. On another note, school is presenting its own unexpected challenges for me. My goal for my senior year of high school is to sort out a system for receiving and completing assignments that requires no use of my vision and is efficient enough to be carried into college. A lot easier said than done. Having assignments in Braille is proving to be effective but tedious. I am not a fast Braille reader so it takes awhile to read papers. My teachers have been fantastic about sending assignments to be brailled or suggesting a different method on an individual basis. So I guess you could say that the receiving part of my goal has pretty much been worked out. But completing assignments is another story. I am not proficient enough at writing Braille for that to be effective so I have to use other methods. One thought was using my iPad to type and complete work but I realized that it is not workable to try to edit my work that way. Through a series of conversations with my parents and vision team, we have come to the conclusion that I need a MacBook Pro. The VoiceOver software that comes on Apple products would allow me to write, edit and send assignments with ease. I use this software on my phone, iPod and iPad with no problems at all but these devices are just not setup to be the word processors that I need them to be. Unfortunately, my family and I are unable to purchase one until we can come up with a way to gather the money. My amazing vision teacher is teaching me a different screen reading software on a school computer that will get me through until we figure out what to do next. I am so blessed to have such a phenomenal team behind me and I know that this will be worked out some how. We just have to have faith that God will provide a way. I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason that only God knows and I have no doubt that He is behind this too. Thank you all for reading my blog. I can’t begin to explain how much the support means to me.


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One Response to School Challenges

  1. Debbie Gordon says:

    Hi I am the leader of the puppy raising club where Retha was raised. I throroughly enjoy your blog and the WSU 4H article. You are an awesome person!
    Here’s a possible solution to your word processing dilemma. Open Word Processor is an MS Word/Open Office work alike compatible word processor that runs on IOS. It’s currently on sale for $399 in the I-tunes store. Screen shots look just like word.

    Debbie Gordon

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