Puyallup State Fair

Last weekend I showed Watchman at the Puyallup State Fair for 4H. It has taken me a few days to organize my thoughts to blog. This show was by far the most rewarding and incredible show I have ever competed in. The group of people I had the privilege of showing with are truly some of the kindest and most helpful people I have ever met. They were so willing to help with whatever I needed. I feel so blessed to know each and every one of them and I really hope these relationships will be life long.

On Saturday I was called back for the Huntseat Equitation Championship class. There were several “lots” in the Huntseat class and the top three or four riders from each class were called back to determine the overall placings for the class. It was an honor to simply be called back and Watchy and I received a blue danish in the Championship class. I am still thrilled!

On Sunday I rode my dressage test. As Watchman and I entered the arena to start my warm up before the test, crazy mariachi music exploded on the other side of the wall. Poor Watchy was startled and took off down the long side! I felt so awful for him because he really never spooks but this really caught him off guard. It took some time to get him back, but we were able to start our test. I ride my test with an ear piece connected by a phone call to a “letter caller” who lets me know where I am at any given time inside the arena. Halfway through my ride my phone that was connected to my letter caller dropped our call and I was left riding without guidance. Thankfully I made it through until my caller realized what had happened and began calling out loud. Watchy and I finished strong and I was able to ride one of the best dressage tests of my riding career.

It was so amazing and humbling to hear the eruption of applause as I delivered my final salute.  Watchy and I received a third placing for our test with a bronze medal and a score of 67.6%. We also received a third place and bronze medal in dressage equitation. The competition was about forty riders. I really could not have asked for a better outcome. I will never forget this show and I hope that Watchy and I can continue to improve and have more amazing experiences like this.

A huge thank you to my amazing Snohomish County State Equestrian Team and everyone else who made my time at state such a huge success.


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