First Day of School

School has finally started. Tuesday of this week was the first day but it was only for freshmen. It was a day for them to be introduced to high school and to set the stage for their first year. They were separated into groups that were led by a few upper classmen or Link Crew leaders of which I had the privilege of being apart of. My group was awesome and it was great to work with such great people. This year’s freshmen are truly incredible. I have a feeling they will do some great things for GP. Retha did awesome too and it was a great opportunity to educate about Guide Dogs.

Wednesday was the first day for all classes and it was also amazing!! As part of the First Day of School Assembly one of my favorite teachers and I were able to introduce Retha to the entire school and explain how to interact with a guide dog. When Retha and I were walking out to the middle of the gym my incredible Senior class began chanting my name. I was blown away and struggled to hold back tears. I have never felt more included or loved by my class. Our little speech was very well recieved and Retha and I had no problems at all for the rest of the week. My teachers and classes are really awesome too. I really feel like a independent college bound senior now. I am so ready to dedicate myself to school this year and finish strong. With Retha by my side I feel I can do anything.


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  1. Jill Wiswall says:

    Go Ali!

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