This Wednesday night my Western Washington Fair experience began. I hauled Watchman to the fairgrounds and prepared for three days of fun and exhaustion. Fair is the biggest horse show I prepare for in 4H.

On Thursday Watchy and I earned a red danish in our Showmanship class but didn’t place. For those who don’t know, “danishes” (ribbons) can be earned for each class, as well as the normal ribbons for class placings. A white danish means the rider and horse need to work on many things. A red means the team is doing well but still has things to work on. And a blue means the horse and rider are relatively solid and doing well. For my lovely Mr. Watchy, the Showmanship class is foreign and awkward, so a red danish is great for him! Our last class that day was called Disciplined Rail, where the horse and rider are asked to perform more advanced movements. We placed seventh with a blue danish. I was super proud!

Friday we rode two Dressage tests. The first test was extremely difficult for me and I came out of the ring in tears. I was discouraged because my lack of vision was inhibiting me from showing what I know Watchy and I can do. I almost canceled my second test……but I saddled up anyway. The test was amazing! This time I left the arena crying tears of happiness. I really think it was the best test I have ever ridden and the most proud I have ever been of my riding! I really owe it all to my amazing friends and family for their support and encouragement. We had random 4H members showing up to help. I am still beyond humbled by their support and generosity. We received a third place in Dressage with a score of 67.2%. I am so proud.

Our last class on Friday went well despite Watchy literally running into the judge’s scribe! We were cantering and his head hit her back. Luckily she did not fall, but I still felt awful. We received a fifth place with a blue danish for that class which was awesome. Today we received a blue danish in the Equitation class and were one placing away from being called back for the Championship class. Overall it was an amazing show with so many wonderful people and one stellar horse! I could not be more humbled and grateful.


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One Response to Fair

  1. Jill Wiswall says:

    Scribes should get out of the way! I’m always so proud of you for showing against able-bodied riders. It amazes me that you have the courage to get on that horse and do your thing even when you can’t see the rail. I don’t know how you do it but I’m in awe of you. Sorry I missed seeing you ride. Let me know next time you’re showing and I’ll be there 🙂

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