City of Snohomish


I am so blown away by the City of Snohomish. There is a section of sidewalk on one of my main routes that is always overgrown. It got so bad that Retha and I had to walk off the sidewalk and on the shoulder of the road. After sending an email and picture to the city they were out there the very next day with heavy-duty equipment and lots of guys to clean it up. They even left my dad a voicemail telling us it was done. I have never seen it so clear. I feel so blessed that they responded so quickly and saw the need to help Retha and me. It is pretty incredible. Retha and I are doing great. We have been walking every day and learning more and more. It’s really nice to be able to trouble shoot and see how to work through unique situations. We have had a few interesting moments where I am reminded that she is still young and learning but for the most part she has been fantastic and so well-mannered. As time passes I really miss all of my classmates. It is really difficult to be so far away from people who I bonded so closely with and shared a life changing experience with. I miss them terribly every day. Although we talk all the time it’s just not the same as being in their company. I miss being around people who truly understand all of the many quirks of living with blindness. But I do know that God has a purpose for everything and this is no exception. He is such a good and gracious God that I know that the purpose for this is wonderful. If nothing else it makes all of us realize that we are not alone in our struggles and there is someone out there who “gets it”. I have so much to praise Him for tonight.


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