Retha meets Watchman

Wow! What a fabulous day! Retha and I caught up on some sleep today and then embarked on an adventure to the Snohomish Farmers Market. She did so great walking downtown and even walked right past the yappiest and most annoying little dogs. She was great with all the people and everyone adored her. On our way home she did just as great. While waiting to cross a street I had to wave on a few cars. A Chevy pulled up and as usual I waved him on. My dad began laughing hysterically behind me and when I asked what was so funny he said that the guy was waving for me to go… how does that work? It was clear that I had a guide dog and I couldn’t see. My dad was too far back for him to be the recipient of the waving. Something just didn’t click in that guys mind. Oh the little laughable moments a blind person experiences! Later Retha came to the barn with me to meet my horse Watchman. He was so sweet and curious to see what she would do. When in the arena she was running in circles and so badly wanted to play with the “big dog”. It was the cutest thing ever. I hopped on him bareback and she was transfixed on his every move. I love my animals so much! As Retha and I settle into our new lives together I am really missing the company of the great friends I made in those two weeks in Oregon. I really miss all of them and it feels like I left a little piece of my heart with them. It’s hard to explain the relationship we have but it is so special. They understand me like no one else can and I feel for once in my life I don’t have to struggle to fit in. We all experience the same joys and hardships. I miss them so much but I am so thankful for the special times we had together and the ones I am sure are to come.


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