Settling In

Yesterday and today were both awesome days! Retha and I had some great routes and are settling into a new routine. We made a few minor mistakes along the way but nothing we couldn’t learn from. I am showing her the ins and outs of Snohomish including the offset crossings and other interesting quirks of the town. She is adjusting really well and is trying so hard to be a good girl. She is such a pleasure to work with and people are literally drawn to her. Tomorrow we go to the vet to drop off papers and get a baseline weight. Maybe a little doggie shopping too!


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One Response to Settling In

  1. Jennifer Riley says:

    I have loved reading your blog. I am a puppy raiser here in Texas. As hard as it is for us to say goodbye to our puppies it is wonderful knowing the work they go on to do and the love they receive from their partners! I look forward to reading more about you and Retha.

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