After a roller coaster of a week today was well needed. In the morning Retha and I cruised through the mall and did some shopping. I have never been able to move through the mall more smoothly in my life. It literally felt like floating. We also received a huge binder full of a ton of information including vet information and other useful resources. I am now super excited for tomorrow! I am most looking forward to meeting Retha’s lovely puppy raisers and hear all about her puppyhood! She is such a playful and loving little girl who I can only imagine the adventures she had as a pup. Tomorrow marks the first day of our new lives together and I am confident that we can overcome any obstacles that may end up in our way. I really owe all of this to my puppy raisers and everyone at GDB.


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One Response to Floating

  1. ctoering says:

    Congratulations Ali and Retha!
    Dave and Cameron (her puppy raisers) have traveled all night to get to Oregon from Tucson, to meet you and see Retha, including a cancelled flight mid trip and a night in the LA airport! but I know they are there now and so excited to meet you! I am sorry the whole family couldn’t come to Oregon, but myself and Cameron’s sisters wish you the best and give a big wet kiss to Retha from us! We are so proud of you both! Enjoy this graduation day and keep in touch, we would love to hear about you both in the future!
    Cindy, Christine and Hannah Toering

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