Sorry this is a day late! I couldn’t get to blogging last night. Yesterday was the hardest day yet for me. The guide work wasnt too challenging but emotionally it was tough. We have had several dog switches in the class and it only makes me appreciate Retha more with thinking of the possibility of losing her suddenly. One of my closest friends in the group encountered an unexpected problem and lost their dog. Unfortunately there wasnt a current replacement so they had to leave early today. This absolutely broke my heart. It’s crazy to think that in just two weeks complete strangers can become so close. It was so awful to see someone I care about go through such an unexpected loss. Goodbyes are never fun and this one surely wasnt. I am hoping and praying that a new dog will come along soon. It really puts everything in perspective and makes me so grateful for Retha.


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One Response to Perspective

  1. ctoering says:

    We are so grateful that you and Ritha have bonded so much already, we have read your blog everyday and it means so much to us! You have made all our friends cry (with joyful tears) by reading it as well. Thank you for your willingness to open up and share all of this with us, it has really given us a whole new perspective on how special the bond between you and Ritha is. I think we are all more encouraged to keep raising our guide dog puppies even when the going gets tough, when we can see and read the blessing it has brought to your life. As I am typing our newest guide dog puppy “Wasabi” is lying at my feet and I can only hope she finds someone as special as you in her future.
    With many thanks,
    The Toering family (Ritha’s puppy raisers in Tucson AZ)

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