First day with Retha

I can not even begin to try to put into words how it felt this morning to wake up to Retha’s smiling face. It’s so awesome to have her with me everywhere I go. We are truly inseparable. After breakfast we loaded into vans and drove to Portland for our first routes in the city. I did a Juno walk first which is a walk without the dog where the instructor holds the harness and responds as the dog would. Then it was time for our first walk as a team. I seriously had to hold back tears when we started off. Retha led me to every curb and led me around every obstacle. When the path was too narrow to travel she showed me the obstacles and we worked around it. My trainer said that Retha really enjoys working for me. That makes me feel so good. It was just plain amazing. While waiting to leave Portland Retha and I settled into a big beanbag and took a nap together.

Ritha and Me

Retha and me!

Later in the day we learned how to groom our dogs. We also had the option to participate in a yoga class but we couldn’t take our dogs. I eagerly took advantage of the opportunity but being away from Retha was uncomfortable and the only thing I wanted to do was get back to her. All in all it was a fabulous day  I am also having a little trouble posting from my phone so I apologize for the delay. God Bless!


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2 Responses to First day with Retha

  1. Savannah says:

    I am so happy for you chicka! I keep thanking God every time I get an update from you because it’s just so amazing and such a God thing that all of this is happening! I am so glad that you and Ritha are bonding so well and becoming best friends!! 🙂 This is going to become complete independence for you.. so cool!! Love ya chicka – Sass

  2. Jill Wiswall says:

    This post made me cry, Ali. I’m so excited for you and thrilled that Ritha is your new partner. You two are going to go so far together.

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