Today was the day I have been anxiously awaiting! This morning I did some basic training with my instructors to learn positioning and corrections. Then after lunch I was introduced to my new best friend and partner. Her name is Retha and she is a petite yellow lab. She is the sweetest girl ever and is super happy and smart. She is very well-behaved and really loves to please. We really are a perfect match.


Meet Retha

After spending some time together we practiced heeling and working out the kinks. We went on a walk around the campus with my instructor. It is absolutely incredible to walk and not worry. There is something truly special about putting your trust in a dog and moving together as a fluid partnership. Since meeting Retha this afternoon we have been inseparable. She goes with me everywhere and its so comforting to never be alone. I am also fascinated with hanging out with other blind kids. We hang out at every possible moment and its so cool to talk about things and have people really understand. The best part is that it really is not awkward. Because we have to help and rely on each other there’s a certain humility in the group. After dinner tonight we decided to “watch” a movie. How do a bunch of blind kids watch a movie? We sat in a big group of couches and all listen to the movie. It can be quite tricky when there isn’t a lot of talking parts because the action doesn’t have the same effect. This day has truly been the best day of my life and I am so grateful for this life changing opportunity. I only hope that I can give back to such a great organization and make a difference in people’s lives the same way this is making a difference in my life. Giving this day to our Lord and Father as I fall asleep tonight. Let Him be praised for blessings such as this.

Sorry this is a day late. Still figuring it all out.


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